Fashion Vandalism

Okay, so typically those two words might not go hand in hand.


It gives me this image of two girls, with sky-high stilettos and spray paint cans in hand, stomping down the sidewalk and shamelessly up to no good. Fearless, adventurous, ready to take on the world and stir up a little trouble.


Well, that’s not completely inaccurate. My best friend and I did look fabulous, and we were stomping down spray-painted sidewalk in the hot Austin, Texas summer looking for the perfect place to shoot. But, to be fair, our intentions were slightly more tame.


The location was flawless – Castle Hill Graffiti Park. This unique park features multiple layers of cement structures that have all been spray-painted over and over. The artwork is ever-changing, and spray-paint cans can be found all-over, encouraging visitors to find a way to leave their mark.


Of the pictures we took, this one is one of my favorites (excluding those of Lanie, of course). I love that I caught these two in such a touching, intimate moment that was somewhat innocuous. The two of them were just spending a day outside together, and it was cool that I got to catch that. I just wish I could have gotten their names and passed the picture along. 🙂


All in all, it was a hot, sweaty, exciting day of adventure with my best friend (and my best model).


Well. Almost my best model. Sorry, Lanie.


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