Photography, with context


I’ve gone back and forth about creating a blog. I guess I’ve been a little daunted about the consistency needed, the constant need for new content, the commitment. Plus, I’ve struggled with whether or not a blog is the right choice, whether or not my content should be heard. There are so many blogs on the web about a variety of topics, or people just talking about their lives. Why should mine be different? What do I have to say that the rest of the world hasn’t already said?

The funny thing about photography, is that it speaks for itself. I think the photos I take are important, and I want a medium for displaying them. Most photography blogs I’ve found present the picture with minimal context. From an artistic perspective, I get that. By presenting your work without words, you allow the viewer to experience it via their own filter, the context of their own life and experiences. It’s one of the things that makes photography beautiful – a photograph can mean different things to different people. And I love that.

But, part of sharing in a blog is providing context, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get here. I’ll talk about where the picture was taken, why I was there, the equipment I used, what I wish I could have done better, what I like the most about the shot, any editing processes that made me particularly excited, and maybe something that I meant to capture, but wasn’t quite able to grasp.

I welcome comments, feedback, whether you’re an experienced photographer or a new viewer. I want to know the stories that you see when you view my work.


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